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Wedding Rings Store in El Cerrito and Vallejo, CA

Granters Pawn Shop

Professional diamond pawn shop

We have that very special wedding rings

Are you preparing for the biggest day of your life? Then you also need to choose a piece of jewelry that does justice to the love between you and your partner, one that will always remind you of the joy you share. At Granters Pawn Shop you can choose between simple yet elegant wedding bands, diamond-set rings and much more. We carry a wide selection of wedding and engagement rings for him and her.

Of course, we can also handle personal engravings on your wedding ring. From the date of the wedding to your names or even special engraving requests that bond you and your partner closer together Ė we provide prompt and reliable engravings.

Quality Jewelry at Amazing Affordable Prices

We feature a wide selection of high-quality and unique jewelry for sale. Our master jeweler has over 25 years of experience and is knowledgeable when it comes to selling jewelry and enjoys providing you the help you need. We rebuy, refurbish and resell fine jewelry to the public at below wholesale bargain prices. People continue to rely on our El Cerrito, CA pawn shop for finding great deals on fine jewelry and now serving Solano county with our newest location Granters Pawn Shop of Vallejo on Springs.

Pawn shop services

When it comes to looking for a pawn shop for your jewelry, Granters Pawn Shop stands out in the area by offering a fair and honest appraisal for our customers. We pay top dollar for gold and silver wedding rings. We make sure you can instantly exchange your jewelry and receive cash on the spot, as well as bring in your items for either a pawn or loan offer.