How Pawn Works

The Pawn process is much the same as any other lending institution, with the primary difference being the use of collateral instead of credit.

Pawn loans are written for four months (120 days). At the end of that period the customer is required to pay the loan in full plus the small amount of interest and charges due and the collateral is returned. If the customer cannot pay the loan in full, at the pawnshop’s discretion, they may offer the option of paying the interest and charges due and rewriting the loan for another four months. If the customer does not repay the loan in full plus the interest and charges due or rewrite the loan by the due date plus a 10 day grace period, the collateral is forfeited to the pawnbroker.

Interest rates and terms of a loan are governed by the State of California and cannot be changed or modified by the Pawnbroker. A state licensed Pawnbroker is the only entity who can legally write a Pawn Loan.

$10 to $25,000 CASH LOANS

GRANTERS is the perfect place to get a cash loan, fast and easy! We offer a quick, convenient and confidential way for you to borrow money without a credit check. It’s as simple as bringing in your valuable items – we negotiate a cash loan price and hold your item as collateral for the term of the loan or until the loan is paid in full including interest and charges. We loan on everything from Gold, Diamonds, and Gemstones, to musical equipment and electronics. We pay more and give you the money you need on the spot!

Why Choose Granters Pawn Shop?

  • Over 70 years of experience, Est. 1943
  • Fine jewelry up to 75% off certified value
  • Quality used musical instruments
  • Easy to reach location in friendly downtown El Cerrito
  • Top dollar paid for your GOLD, SILVER & DIAMONDS $$$

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